The right art on the wall can transform a space into a thought-provoking setting in seconds. A single painting can give a plain room elegance, sophistication and refinement.

Original paintings typically begin with a vision and a blank canvas. They take time, patience and passion to complete.  We have been creating artwork in Toronto since 1989 and have a large collection of original paintings. Original art appreciates over time and can be a profitable form of investment. Our aim is to acquire or create the art that is in line with your taste, goals and the ambiance you want to set.

We hope you enjoy our selection of work below. For further information please get in touch via our contact page.


Investigating the timeless side of human nature through forms, expressions and habits.


Exposing the beauty and fragility of our natural environment and creating a desire to preserve.


An invitation to explore our society’s roots through realistic depictions of common scenes.


Awakening our desire for beauty and the sensation of reality.


Capturing the essence of nature and animals in their environment.


Transient moments demonstrating the dynamism and unfixity of life.

Still Life

Putting life into focus to make us notice all too familiar objects.


Providing views of the continuous and inexhaustible energy of the sea.


Exploring the technique of the well-known movement and the variable language of colors and natural light.


Bucolic representations of everyday life deriving inspiration from the process of harvesting and food production.