Art Restoration

Art Restoration is the process of returning a work of art to the unimpaired and original condition.

Art Commissions

A commissioned painting is a unique way to remember and immortalize people, places and events. It can be intended as a gift to yourself, to someone important or as an heirloom for your family.

Art Packaging & Shipping

Many reasons can explain why you would want to relocate a piece of art – we help make sure your artwork stays intact.

Custom Framing

The main purpose of a frame is to support and showcase your art and memorabilia, while making sure it is protected for future generations to enjoy.

Art Classes

More than a way to explore your creative side, art classes are a way to leave your daily life behind and express yourself in a new way.

Art Rental

Art can spark conversations with your guests and renting it is a simple and affordable way to have pieces rotating in and out of your space on a continuous basis or for specific occasions.