The seeds of the company being deeply rooted in the world of art, we aspire to help you surround yourself with beauty and inspiration.

The main purpose of a frame is to support and showcase your art and memorabilia, while making sure it is protected for future generations to enjoy. We have a vast assortment of wood and metal frames, liner and matt options as well as specialty glass available.

We provide professional framing services and pride ourselves on our ability to frame anything, from your favorite poster to your new piece of fine art. We can accommodate most requests so that you do not have to settle for mass produced standard sized frames. Our aim is to work in close collaboration with you to create a frame design that will express your personality and style and add value to your art.

Over years of experience, we’ve gained knowledge and skills that allow us to offer solutions for any item you would like to frame. Below are a few examples of finished products; for further information please get in touch via our contact page.

Prints, Watercolors, Etc

Maintaining the integrity of your valuable items under a glass, it can include a matt to give the look and feel you desire. Needlework, College or University Certificates and other paper-based art often share framing options.

Paintings – Oil & Acrylic

Protecting your fine art – this typically includes a liner, to accent the frame and add depth to the ensemble.

Rugs & Tapestry

Requiring additional steps to ensure that the textile is held securely in place while hanging on the wall, it puts your artwork on display while preventing environmental damages.


An easy way to harmonize and update the look of a room – we carry a selection of ready framed mirrors or can create a custom sized framed mirror for your space.

Shadow Box

A shallow enclosing with a glass surface allowing you to display and protect memorabilia and collectibles – it can be used for objects of artistic or personal significance like medals, sport jerseys or souvenirs from your travels.